It's the time for Chinese enterprises to invest in Malaysia

It's the time for Chinese enterprises to invest in Malaysia

           "Malaysia has become China's largest trading partner in ASEAN for many years, we corporate in education, culture information and communication, all have good prospect." Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Chai Xi in an interview with People's Daily reporter says.

   According to Commerce Department statistics ,Malaysia bilateral trade in 2009 amounted to $ 56 billion,2010 amounted to $ 72 billion, over 90 billion U.S. dollars in 2011, in 2012 amounted to $ 94.8 billion. "With (the Qin state industrial park and industrial park in Kuantan, Malaysia) the two park's construction, it is still exist the possibility to break billions of dollars during the two countries." Chai Xi said that with the development of the two countries, we should be taken substantial steps, it's time for Chinese enterprises to invest and build factories overseas.

   "Now many China funded enterprises in Malaysia " Chamber president Datuk Huanghan Liang ,who know deeply about Chinese market ,told People's Daily reporter,,"Initially is the financial industry, the textile industry. Now, there are logistics, seaports, aviation and other industries. Some popular industry like technology industry, the steel industry, and construction industry, they all do business in Malaysia. Also the appliance industry, the large Chinese appliance company has distribution outlets in Malaysia. Currently the restaurant industry is the most popular one"

   So far,there are four listed Chinese company in Malaysia. Chinese enterprises in a large proportion of Malaysia's "In language, culture, and other aspects of integration, the two countries Cooperation in Southeast Asia is very successful"

   "The relationship between Malaysia and China is very successful", Ambassador Chai Xi said,"Malaysia is the old ASEAN countries, the two countries established a strategic cooperative relationship long time ago. Last couple of years, bilateral political mutual trust, economic and trade cooperation to a higher level. We believe will enhance the comprehensive strategic partnership in the near future.