Chinese private enterprises investigate the investment environment in Malaysia


Chinese private enterprises investigate the investment environment in Malaysia


  Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry and the Industrial Development Moose Taba Deputy Secretary Manma mesh on the 20th met in the capital Kuala Lumpur International Patriot League delegation. Moose Head Taba and Manma have said that Malaysia's rapid economic growth is now the best time for Chinese enterprises to invest.


    Minister of International Trade and Industry Moose Taba, said Malaysia's gross domestic product last year (GDP) reached 5.4%,Malaysia's future goal is to reach $ 15,000 per capita income,Add 3.3 million jobs and attracted more than 400 billion U.S. dollars of investment. He said, Malaysia and China have a stable relationship, now in the energy, steel, tourism, cultural exchanges and other fields also have a good cooperation. International Trade also sets offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to provide services for the Chinese enterprises to invest Malaysia.


    According to the Industrial Development Authority deputy director Manma project description,In 2011, Chinese enterprises' investment reached $ 370 million in Malaysia. He said,Malaysia's investment policy is very generous, Malaysia allow foreign equity, and no profit limit,Enterprise can complete registration in just few days.


  Man Ma also said, currently Malaysia set up Kuantan Industrial Park in China East Coast area,Chinese enterprises can enjoy a 10-year tax free policy.


  International Union delegation Feng expressed,Malaysia's economy has developed rapidly,Chinese companies are investing a lot in Malaysia. There are many Chinese businessman in Malaysia,Their success bring confidence to the Chinese private enterprises. He hoped that the Patriot League delegation can seize those international opportunities, create more opportunities for cooperation with local businesses.


  Patriot International Union was established in 2011,their purpose is to promote China's private enterprises into the international market, build China brand. The lines of the Union ASEAN including Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, Shikoku, investigating local investment environment and cooperation.